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Maoist supporters demolish martyrs column’ in former hotbed, surrender



A group of Maoist sympathizers on Monday demolished a column of martyrs erected by red rebels, burned their effigies and surrendered to police and the BSF in Odisha’s Malkangiri district.

The incident occurred at Rallegada Gram Panchayat located in the isolated areas, now called Swabhiman Anchal, which was previously a Maoist hotbed. The area is surrounded by water on three sides, while another is connected to the dense forest of neighboring Andhra Pradesh.

Up to 150 Maoist sympathizers also pledged not to help any more members of the banned CPI (Maoist).

This is part of the Odisha Police’s Ghar Wapasi Initiative. The interior and the Maoist-infected villages are entering the mainstream. We are instilling confidence in people to ensure that they approach the police and administration to help speed up development, said Malkangiri SP Nitesh Wadhwani.

Left-wing extremists operating in neighboring Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh used to take refuge in the Cut Off area, as it was almost inaccessible to security personnel.

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated in July 2018 the Gurupriya Bridge over the Janbai River in the area that was isolated for about five decades in the Maoist-affected area of ​​the district.

In 2019 elections were held in the area for the first time in 15 years.

Those who surrendered during the day also burned Maoist clothing and literature and shouted slogans such as “Maobadi Murdabad.”

BSF DIG SK Sinha said that people gained the confidence to speak out against the Maoists due to the strong presence of security personnel in their region.

The police and BSF also distributed sports kits, saris and other clothing items to people who pledged to return to the mainstream.

The district administration also gave them job cards and informed them about various government plans in agriculture, livelihood and others.

We also call on behalf of the Odisha police and the Malkangiri administration to the remaining Maoists to avoid violence, lay down their arms and join the mainstream, the SP said.

Earlier, on June 2, up to 50 Maoist supporters had surrendered to the Odisha DGP in Malkangiri. Nine days later, another 397 also joined the mainstream.

Police sources said that 37 Jawans from the Greyhound counter-insurgency force, seven members of the BSF, four members of the Odisha police and 40 members of local tribes were killed by the Maoists over the years. Thousands also fled the area out of fear, they said.

Comprising nine Gram Panchayats and 182 villages, Swabhiman Anchal was previously considered the safe haven of the CPI (Maoist) Andhra Odisha Special Border Area Committee for more than two decades.

The area is undergoing rapid change, the SP said.

Now it has schools, pucca roads, an ambulance service as well as subsistence projects such as fish farming. While people get boat service for transportation, they now have mobile tower installation as a priority.

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Royal Bengal Tiger spotted in Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary in Bargarh



A Royal Bengal tiger was spotted at the Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary in Bargarh. The Divisional Forestry Officer (DFO) confirmed the same on Saturday from video footage that captured the tiger moving in the forest.

The tiger was reportedly spotted at the Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary located near Sambalpur’s Hirakud Dam. The tiger gender is male and it is an endangered species as its count is very low, reported Anshu Pragyan Das, DFO, Hirakud Wildlife Division.

The DFO expressed his joy that after several years a tiger was seen in the sanctuary. The team is even trying to track down whether or not the tiger has any female partners. Security around the sanctuary has been tightened to restrict the entry of unauthorized persons or poachers.

“It was seen while venturing near the safari area of ​​the sanctuary on December 1 and patrol staff captured video of the tiger as it crossed a road. This is the first time a tiger has entered the front door,” the DFO reported.

The DFO also ensured that special security measures are taken to ensure the protection of the tiger. As reported by the DFO, 12 teams have been hired to monitor the tiger.

“In addition to hiring a special team to monitor the tiger 24 hours a day, GIS technicians have been hired. A special patrol team is also engaged outside the sanctuary with metal detectors. We are emphasizing a special intelligence network to track and restrict unauthorized entry into the sanctuary. Immediate action will be taken against any illegal activity, the DFO said.

He further added: “We have yet to determine if the tiger was previously present at the wildlife sanctuary or if it came from Chhattisgarh. Last time, a royal Bengal tiger was seen in Debrigarh in 2018. We will track down the details soon if it ventured from any other landscape or was present here.”

In addition, security cameras have been installed at various locations in the sanctuary to track the feral cat.

In particular, the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary spans Bargarh, near the Hirakud Dam, as well as the neighboring state. After 2018, not a single tiger was seen in the dense forest. The forestry department is on high alert as previous poachers remained quite active in the area.

Reported by Sanjay Jena (Sambalpur)

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Belgian girl weds Indian man as RK Narayan’s ‘Guide’ recreated in real life



The legendary storyteller, Padma Vibhushan RK Narayan, would have been very proud if he had been alive today, because one of his great books ‘Guide’ has apparently come to life in real life.

It turns out that a 30-year-old tour guide, Ananth Raju, has married his 27-year-old Belgian girlfriend, Camille, in Hampi, Karnataka. And his love story was straight out of Narayan’s award-winning novel. The two were married on Friday according to Hindu rituals at the city’s Virupaksha temple.

The two reportedly met in Hampi just before the covid pandemic hit India in 2020. When Camille visited Hampi with her family, Raju not only took her around the city and gave her history-related information, but also he also arranged for her to stay at a good hotel.

Although Camille returned to Belgium with her family after her tour ended, the two kept in touch via social media. Gradually the friendship grew and both expressed their desire for marriage to their families, which both families accepted.

Camille was unable to come to India due to Covid restrictions but once the restrictions were lifted Camille came to Hampi. And both of them got married according to Hindu rituals.

Narayan’s ‘Guide’, which was published in 1958, has a similar plot in which a tour guide falls in love with a married woman who happened to be the wife of an archaeologist. The story took numerous twists and turns until the ‘guide’ ended up as a religious preacher in a temple.

A movie was made based on the novel which was released in 1965. The hit movie had Dev Anand and Wahida Rahman in the lead roles.

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Anand Mahindra awe-stricken by this 6-seater cycle, netizens hail desi jugaad



Auto baron Anand Mahindra shared a video on Twitter praising a rural youth using an EV. He showered her with praise for her inventiveness, originality, and innovation.

The young man in the video drives his friends down the highway in unison in his custom-built six-seater electric two-wheeler.

According to Mahindra, necessity is the mother of invention and this concept could find global use as a tourist “bus” in busy European tourist destinations.

According to the man in the video, it runs on electricity and can travel up to 150 km on a single charge. This car costs between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 12,000. Furthermore, the young man claimed that the car can be charged at just Rs 10.

Sharing the video, Mahindra wrote: “With only small design inputs (cylindrical sections for the @BosePratap chassis?), this device could find global application. As a tourist ‘bus’ in the busy European tourist centers? I am always impressed by innovations in rural transport, where necessity is the mother of invention”.

His video has received a good response with more than 826.6k views, more than 43k likes and more than 5k retweets.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra frequently tweets interesting videos on Twitter that draw the attention of netizens. He rarely misses an opportunity to praise remarkable creations, and his most recent post is no exception.

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