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Life lessons from Virat Kohli’s match-winning knock



Here goes the popular adage: life is a game and play. Also, after seeing India’s thrilling win over arch-rivals Pakistan in the current T20 World Cup Down the Under, cricket fans would like to add a few more words to the popular maxim: life is a game and play it like Virat Kohli. .

Well, aside from the skills of entertainment, excitement and cricket, a number of life skills are to be learned from the practical lessons given by King Kohli in the match of his life (indeed the match of a lifetime for all fans out there). of the Indian team).

Here are some life lessons from Kohli’s brilliant hit…

Positive attitude

Against an attacking Pakistan bowling line-up, the wickets were falling from the other end and India was looking down on losing four wickets with 30 runs on the board. But Kohli was totally positive about India’s chances in the match. His positivity helped him immensely in staying cool, which was the most important factor. Even his teammate Axar Patel and other heavy hitters like captain Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul couldn’t cope with the pressure in the high-octane game.

never say die attitude

Things couldn’t have been worse for the Men in Blue after losing their first order. But Kohli’s basic motivational message to his partner Hardk Pandya and his similar ability to fans is to have a never say die attitude. She stretched the match down the barrel and kept her trust in him. According to Kohli, his two incredible sixes from him at the end of the innings came out of his gut! Life is not a bed of roses and it is often a roller coaster ride. However, one with perseverance often wins the battle.

team effort

Virat had full confidence in Hardik Pandya. He believed in Pandya’s abilities and encouraged him to play big shots. He supported the strength of him to penetrate the field and take out those two and three. He then played his shots during the crucial final period when he was fully settled. He even took advice from his junior Hardik Pandya with full respect and implemented it in his hitting. He even had confidence in Dinesh Karthik and Ravichandran Ashwin. As a result, Ashwin’s well-timed left of the wide leg delivery on the penultimate ball amid roars from nearly a lakh audience was truly crucial. Kohli was a team man.

don’t rest on your laurels

One can be a champion on any given day. But every day you have to face new challenges. So one cannot just sit on their laurels. The likes of Rohits, Rahuls and Suryakumars cannot follow their reputation all the time and throw away their wickets. Kohli showed that one has to start from scratch depending on the moment and the situation. The way Virat submitted and adjusted when the windows were rolling down and then sped up after settling in was a life lesson in itself.

Humility at its finest

VIrat went with all due respect for the opposition bowlers. However, he had full confidence in him and the team’s abilities. After his return to the team after a poor state of form, Virat seems to have learned his lesson. He now he has softened externally. However, his aggression remains the same inside. In fact, he is now channeling his aggression properly in the right direction.

Play according to the limitation of one

Virat is a kind of hitter who relies mainly on singles and doubles and occasional limits. He takes his own time to settle down and plays big shots later. He is not a booming six hitter like Yuvraj Singh or Suryakumar Yadav. But King Kohli proved that one can be successful by following his unique style backed by confidence. He didn’t blow his wickets and flourished later after the initial dust settled.

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Belgian girl weds Indian man as RK Narayan’s ‘Guide’ recreated in real life



The legendary storyteller, Padma Vibhushan RK Narayan, would have been very proud if he had been alive today, because one of his great books ‘Guide’ has apparently come to life in real life.

It turns out that a 30-year-old tour guide, Ananth Raju, has married his 27-year-old Belgian girlfriend, Camille, in Hampi, Karnataka. And his love story was straight out of Narayan’s award-winning novel. The two were married on Friday according to Hindu rituals at the city’s Virupaksha temple.

The two reportedly met in Hampi just before the covid pandemic hit India in 2020. When Camille visited Hampi with her family, Raju not only took her around the city and gave her history-related information, but also he also arranged for her to stay at a good hotel.

Although Camille returned to Belgium with her family after her tour ended, the two kept in touch via social media. Gradually the friendship grew and both expressed their desire for marriage to their families, which both families accepted.

Camille was unable to come to India due to Covid restrictions but once the restrictions were lifted Camille came to Hampi. And both of them got married according to Hindu rituals.

Narayan’s ‘Guide’, which was published in 1958, has a similar plot in which a tour guide falls in love with a married woman who happened to be the wife of an archaeologist. The story took numerous twists and turns until the ‘guide’ ended up as a religious preacher in a temple.

A movie was made based on the novel which was released in 1965. The hit movie had Dev Anand and Wahida Rahman in the lead roles.

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Anand Mahindra awe-stricken by this 6-seater cycle, netizens hail desi jugaad



Auto baron Anand Mahindra shared a video on Twitter praising a rural youth using an EV. He showered her with praise for her inventiveness, originality, and innovation.

The young man in the video drives his friends down the highway in unison in his custom-built six-seater electric two-wheeler.

According to Mahindra, necessity is the mother of invention and this concept could find global use as a tourist “bus” in busy European tourist destinations.

According to the man in the video, it runs on electricity and can travel up to 150 km on a single charge. This car costs between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 12,000. Furthermore, the young man claimed that the car can be charged at just Rs 10.

Sharing the video, Mahindra wrote: “With only small design inputs (cylindrical sections for the @BosePratap chassis?), this device could find global application. As a tourist ‘bus’ in the busy European tourist centers? I am always impressed by innovations in rural transport, where necessity is the mother of invention”.

His video has received a good response with more than 826.6k views, more than 43k likes and more than 5k retweets.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra frequently tweets interesting videos on Twitter that draw the attention of netizens. He rarely misses an opportunity to praise remarkable creations, and his most recent post is no exception.

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Former captain Sardar Singh’s mantra for Indian team



With less than 50 days to go until the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup Odisha Bhubaneswar-Rourkela 2023, the anticipation of witnessing the world’s best hockey players in one of the world’s favorite hockey destinations – Odisha – only grows with each passing day. .

As the Indian team carry out their preparations to end the medal drought at the prestigious event, it is time for hockey fans to relive the memories of India’s storied World Cup campaigns.

Winner of the gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games and a silver medal at the 2014 Champions Trophy, former Indian team captain, the legendary Sardar Singh, who was a part of the 2010 and 2010 World Cup campaigns. 2014, he recalled his memories of the years. past.

Regarded as one of the biggest driving forces for the Indian team during his playing days, Sardar played his first senior men’s World Cup on home soil in 2010, in New Delhi.

Turning back the clock, Singh said: “For almost every player, playing in the World Cup is a matter of emotion, and I was very lucky that my first World Cup was in India. Playing good hockey in front of our own fans was a great feeling. We played Pakistan in our first match, and I remember the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium was completely packed. And as soon as we lined up, the crowd went wild and immediately cheered us on, giving us a confidence boost.”

“That feeling of being supported and encouraged by the home fans when you play well in front of them is unparalleled,” Sardar said.

Sardar, a former captain who led by example, led the Indian team at the 2014 World Cup in The Hague, Netherlands. According to the former captain, the team at the time was a close-knit unit, winning medals at both the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games.

Speaking about developing that winning habit, Singh said: “The team has to practice hard and for long periods. Look at all the great teams in the world, they’ve been playing together for a while. To win a medal, attention to detail must be paid, and the team must work together and help each other at all times.”

sardar singh

“When all these factors come into play correctly, and the team does well, wins a medal and then hears the national anthem while you’re on the podium, that’s a priceless feeling,” he said.

When asked about leading the team in a major tournament, Singh said: “I never thought of it that way. Yes, as a senior player, there are certain things that I had to do and also take care of the team, especially the younger players. But for me, all the players on the team count as captains. The idea was always that everyone should communicate clearly across the lines.”

sardar mantra

The former captain has played alongside quite a few of the current Indian team and believes the team is very talented.

“The current Indian team has done well in recent years, and they are very talented, with a good structure as well. They should never be satisfied and always hunger for more,” Sardar said.

Ahead of the all-important Hockey World Cup Odisha 2023 in January, the former captain had some advice for the team.

“Once the players take the field at the next World Cup, what the player has done previously doesn’t matter. They have to work hard from the first whistle to the final whistle, and consistently on every play. The extra effort and focus will be key to performance as well as executing plans correctly. If they can do that, then the results will follow us automatically,” Sardar signed.

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